The world is full of people on their own path and journey. When I think about my own, I see two paths; one path I forged on my own, and the other, choosing to be led by God. Each path held different outcomes. One, I was constantly circling back to feelings of bitterness and resentment and found myself stuck in the same places I so desperately wanted out of. The other, I gave up self-control and trusted Him to lead the way. Only one path led me to a breakthrough and to true freedom, and I never want to go back.

God, this journey with you has been everything that I ever hoped it would be. When I follow Your will for my life and trust in You, I am free from guilt, worry, fear, failure, anxiety, ignorance, and the evil one. Thank you for always leading me and pushing me forward to new places.

Numbers 22:1 – “But they didn’t remain there. The Israelites traveled on to the Moabite plains where they set up camp…”

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