Throughout time, there have been many people who approach life in different ways. Some live spontaneously, others completely rigid and on a strict schedule. When it comes to the Christian life, it is important to seek wisdom in the way God desires us to live. From Scriptures, we know that He is a God of order and not confusion or chaos; of intentionality and not haphazard plans. But we also know that His desire for us is to live a life of faith (outside the boat and our comfort zone) and that requires letting go and giving Him control.

God, I want to live a life with intentionality and purpose but I also desire to live a life a faith which requires giving You control. Please give me wisdom on how to achieve this balance in practical ways I can begin today.

Genesis 1-2:1 – “There was evening and morning the first day…God parted the waters the second day…The earth produced vegetation the third day…God fashioned two great lights the fourth day…God created creatures of the sea the fifth day…God made earth creatures…and humanity the sixth day…God paused from his labor and rested the seventh day.”

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