Imagine this scenario: A husband telling his wife how much he loves her and declaring how beautiful she is to him. He is constantly telling her she is the love of his life and of his unending love for her. But what if his actions proved otherwise? For example, every time his wife speaks, he doesn’t really listen her. In fact, she notices that her husband is not very interested in hearing her thoughts and opinions. Worse yet, what if those expressions of his undying love and affections never went beyond the four walls of their house? That even their closest friends were shocked to find out that he loved her or that they were even married!

No one in their right mind would say this a healthy relationship, and they would be hard pressed to say this type of behavior was acceptable at all. So why do we think it’s okay to have this kind of relationship with God? At home, we read a verse here and there, pray, tell Him how much we love Him, but we don’t go much beyond that. We don’t sit and take the time out of our day to really study His Word and hear what He has to say. And when we go out with friends, they would be shocked to learn that we even believe in God because we never talk about Him nor do we share with them what He has done in our lives.

It’s time to get real and have a genuine relationship with God. Maybe you don’t know where to begin. Or perhaps you feel, deep down in your heart, that it wouldn’t be worth the effort at all. I’m here to say begin where you’re at. Whatever situation is bothering you right now, share that with God and then invite Him into your circumstance. He wants to show you all the amazing things that only He can do!

God, I confess that I haven't really been acknowledging Your presence in my life. I'm sorry when I don't act in a way that reflects how much I really do love You. Please make Yourself real to me so I can share with others Your amazing power and love.

Psalm 35:18 – “I will give You thanks in the great assembly. I will give You praise among huge crowds of people.”

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