History books hold the stories of empires, nations, countries, governments, and people. You could find many books regarding any particular subject of history. Scholars and experts study these cases and interactions between groups and individuals and write their own theories, interpretations, and opinions of such events.

While history does contain records of events that took place between nations, groups, governments and empires, it also entails events of individuals whose stories and perspectives, although never written, were felt and experienced. Individuals with thoughts, perceptions, ideas, and emotions not much different than our own.

Times, events, empires, and people change, but there is One who has seen the rise and fall of nations and whose Kingdom still remains. His name is Jesus and He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Invite Him into your life, and let Him become a part of your life and history.

God, You have been here since the beginning of time, and You will be here until the very end. I invite You to be part of my life experiences and story.

Isaiah 26:4 – “Trust in Adonai forever because in Him is a Rock of Ages.”

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