You may have heard the expression, “There are always two sides to every coin.” This often implies there are usually two sides to every story. If there is an argument between two people, the perspective of why the argument transpired in the first place will vary greatly depending on whose side you’re listening to. If there are two sides to every story, then what does that mean in regards to ourselves and our own story?

Some days we may feel there are two versions of us; one side really loves God and wants to honor Him with our lives, actions, and words. The other side doesn’t really care or even pay attention to Him or His words as we would rather be doing things our own way. These two versions within each person vary greatly in depth and levels. Only you know where you stand with God and what you have been trying to hide.

Unlike people who only see what we allow them to see, God sees, and knows very well, those two versions of us; we cannot hide from Him. So the invitation is to be open with God. Tell Him you love Him, but then also share with Him what you struggle with and what so easily seems to ensnare and entangle you. He already knows anyway, and He wants to help you be the best version of yourself that He knows you can be.

God, I do love You. But I know sometimes my thought life, and even my actions, don't reflect that. You know what sins I struggle with. Forgive me when I completely blow it, and please help me to overcome. 

Leviticus 24:22 – “I am Adonai your God.”

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