How do you respond when you become aware of something you were “blissfully unaware” of at first? We have seen it before and perhaps have even experienced it ourselves – a friend smiles at us, and they reveal what they ate for lunch as pieces of spinach are stuck in their teeth. Or we walk out of a restroom with toilet paper stuck on the bottom of our foot. Do we kindly inform our friend (not without a little chuckle first) of what’s on their tooth? Of course we would. If we looked down at our shoe and saw the toilet paper trailing behind us, do we ignore it and keep on walking? Of course not.

The moment we realize something that we were unaware of at first and has now become the source of discomfort (in this case, embarrassment!), our first instinct is to get rid of it. So what does that look like in our spiritual lives?

There may be a profound hurt or wound that happened to us during childhood and is buried deep within. So submerged is this sentiment in us that we are unaware it is even there… until something happens that triggers that emotion and brings it to bubble at the surface again. These are the roots, sources, that manifest in different ways into our adulthood: jealousy, anger, bitterness, resentment, low self-esteem, and pride.

Ask God to reveal to you and help you become aware of the origin and root cause of your pain and hurt. He is a great friend and He is ready to help us be cognizant of that which bogs us down so we can remove it from our lives and move forward in confidence and freedom.

God, I want to become aware of the root causes of my pain and hurt so I can give it to You and You can help me overcome. I no longer want to carry this baggage that I have become so used to that I no longer even notice it is there. Please help me break free. 

Leviticus 5:2 – “If a person touches something unclean…he is guilty, even though he may not be aware that he is unclean.”

The baggage we carry with us from our past.

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