God likes to get our attention in interesting ways. Sometimes, He shows us how much He loves us in a subtle and gentle manner that speaks to our soul and makes us happy. And then sometimes, He has to snap us back into reality when we’ve become too puffed up with our own perceived greatness and self-reliance.

I remember such a time in my life when God got my attention in this way. It wasn’t pretty nor did it feel good at all. In fact, it felt like a punch in the gut and almost knocked me down for good. But in that moment, when I was at my lowest point, feeling like a complete and utter failure, that’s when God reached down from Heaven and met me where I was. It was a moment I will never forget and has always stayed with me. Now, when there are scenarios where I begin to feel afraid, I remember that moment I felt God’s presence and fear instantly leaves. I am filled with confidence once again.

God loves us very much, yes. But He isn’t afraid to get our attention in ways that, at first, may be very painful for us. A famous football coach once said, “All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” I would have never visited that place God took me to on my own because it was too uncomfortable, too painful. But God, being the best Coach there is, took me there because He knew I needed it. The experience brought me to a new level in my relationship with Him, and I am so grateful. I am appreciative that we have a God who isn’t afraid to be tough on us when we need it in order to bring us to amazing places we could never reach on our own.

God, thank You for all that You do for me. You are the best Coach, and I know that whatever You do is only to help me be the best that I can be. Help me continue to put my trust in You and the process of transforming me to look more like your Son Jesus.

II Corinthians 13:3 – “He is not weak in dealing with you, but He is powerful among you. For although He was executed on a stake in weakness, now He lives by God’s power.”

Coach talking to football players.

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