Sometimes we discover fundamental truths in the most unlikely of places and in ways that shake us to the core. Scripture is filled with events and stories that, at first glance, may perplex us, astonish us, and perhaps even unnerve us. There is such a story in Scripture; a place where peace was found even among the most wicked of men.

There was once an evil king and a powerful Roman governor who utterly hated each other. In Scripture, these two men were known as King Herod the Great, Roman client King of Judea, and Pontius Pilate, Governor of the Roman province of Judea. Herod was a treacherous, murderous king who ordered the slaughter of countless male babies in an effort to annihilate any threat to his throne of power from a future King. Pilate was the official who presided over the trial of Jesus and ordered His crucifixion.

An evil king and a troubled Governor, most hated enemies, had one common problem: Jesus Christ. In a frantic effort to get out of a dilemma he found himself in, and in order to avoid an uprising, Pilate handed this religious agitator over to Herod in the hopes to rid himself of the situation. King Herod, soon finding himself displeased with this silent and unimpressive miracle worker before him, handed Christ back over to Pilate wanting nothing to do with Him.

What’s interesting about this story is Scripture says the day that happened, Herod and Pilate became friends. Two long-time most hated enemies now, in one day, friends with each other. On closer examination, we see that the only common thread between these two men was Jesus Christ. Now, these were not kind, selfless men. They were disturbed, conflicted, and brutal…yet they found peace with each other.

At first glance, this story bewildered and mystified me. How could this be? How could men like THAT find peace and friendship? But then I remembered the common thread: Jesus Christ. Because of Him peace was found in the most unlikely of places and between the most unlikely of people. If Christ can bring people like that to experience His goodness, imagine what He can do for you. Anything is possible.

God, I am truly amazed at what You can do through the lives of people. Your grace is extended to all and given freely. I desire to honor You with this great gift. I love You.

Luke 23:12 – “In the past, Pilate and Herod had always been enemies. But on that day they became friends.”

Handshake between two friends.

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