We have all made excuses in order to get out of doing something at some point. An excuse not to exercise, begin work on a mundane project, or complete a task we find ourselves dreading. In a spiritual sense, we may not know it, but sometimes we use patience or “waiting on God” as an excuse for inaction or our inability to move forward. Waiting on God is not an excuse to sit there and do nothing. We can wait on Him but still be moving forward.


By reading His Word, praying, and completing the tasks at hand. Looking ahead in the distant future, and even daydreaming, is okay but not if keeps us away from the work before us that needs to be done. Sometimes our day-to-day tasks are boring and tedious, demanding and difficult. But it is our life and the work that God has given us at this moment. And if we are faithful in completing tasks that we find challenging or unexciting, God will be faithful in blessing us. It also helps us build our character and resilience when we realize that if we can complete burdensome work faithfully, there really isn’t anything we can’t do.

God, thank You for Your willingness to help me but don't let me use that as an excuse to not help myself. Give me the ability to complete the tasks at hand, no matter how burdensome or monotonous, and help me keep moving forward.

Leviticus 25:49 – “…or if he is able, he may redeem himself.”

Sign that says work harder.

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