We have all had it done to us at some point, or perhaps even have done it to another person: glancing at our phone while someone else is talking and not paying attention to anything they are saying. We may not mean it to come across as disrespectful but, in reality, it is. When this is being done to you, how do you feel? Maybe you feel as if what you have to say is unimportant to that other person or that what you’re saying doesn’t really matter. Worse yet, what if it happened with a friend who knew you had something important to say?

One way we can show respect to another person is by putting away the phone and really listen to what they are saying. In the same way, we can show respect to God when we come and meet with Him to read His Word and pray. Put aside distractions and come to Him with an attentive heart. God wants our full attention when we read and study His word and when we talk to Him. Yes, God is our friend, but He is also a King who deserves our ultimate respect.

We also respect our King when we live His Word out through our actions and not just with our words. It pleases Him when we make an effort to do this, and we will experience His abundance and blessings when we honor Him in this way. So where do you start? Begin by resolving to show respect to someone by genuinely listening and putting away all distractions. And then do that very same thing when meeting with your friend and King.

God, You know how easily I become distracted. I am sorry for the times that I haven't given You my full attention and have been disrespectful. I want to start again and honor You with my life. Please help me. 

Malachi 1:7;9 – “‘How are we polluting you?’ By saying that the table of Adonai doesn’t deserve respect…so if you pray now that God will show us favor, what your actions have accomplished is that Adonai-Tzva’ot asks, ‘Will He receive any of you? Why doesn’t even one of you shut the doors and stop this useless lighting of fires on my altar? I take no pleasure in you.’ says Adonai-Tzva’ot, ‘and I will not receive an offering from you.'”

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Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

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