People make plans everyday. Every moment, an intention is made, executed, thwarted or called off completely. When we have a plan in place, things seem to run a little bit smoother, and we feel that we are working towards something.

But what about the moments when you don’t seem to have a plan? Or when you feel like you have the perfect plan but God doesn’t conform to your agenda? This can leave us feeling confused, disoriented, and unsure of what to do next. When we feel like lost like this, we become even more of an easy target and prey to the enemy’s attacks.

In these moments, pray and read God’s Word intently. Ask Him for clarity and direction. Remember, God is for us not against us. He wants to see His children succeed in life. Seek His will and ask Him to give you a vision and a plan that aligns with His will and keep living by faith that He will help you reach your goals.

God, I am feeling pretty confused right now with the direction my life is going. I feel like I am in a thick fog, and I have lost my orientation. Please clear my path, and help me see where I need to go. 

II Chronicles 25:7 – “‘King, don’ let the army of Israel go with you because Adonai is not with Israel…and if you do go, then no matter how fiercely you fight, God will cause you to fail before the enemy. For God has the power to help and to cause failure.’ Amatzyahu said to the man of God, ‘But what do we do about the three-and-a-third tons of silver I paid for Israel’s army?’ The man of God answered, ‘Adonai can give you far more than that!'”

God the creator of silver.

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