If you may have noticed, my blog has been somewhat silent lately.

On Friday (06/25) I began the fight of my life. I first became very ill with food poisoning and then on Wednesday (06/29) I took a turn for the worse and when I went back to the ER, doctors discovered I had ruptured my appendix and it was a serious matter.

I had to go into surgery, and I am now in the hospital for five days. I am unable to see my kids as they are too young for the hospital to let in due to COVID.

Dear Readers, I would welcome and appreciate your prayers for me in this situation. Times have been rough but my trust is in God. He has already been teaching me amazing new things.

Thank you all. I hope to share with all more soon!

One thought on “My Dear Readers

  1. Sending prayers to you, your family and all the people helping you. Blessings of healing, love and light. You are such an amazing spirit and I know in the short time since I met you that you also believe that if God brought you to it he will also get you through it. Always easier to say when it’s not you, I know. Will be looking for your updates. You can do this! ❤️🙏💪

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