Today, there are many people in need of a rescue. Turn on the news, read the papers, and it is difficult to fathom the suffering that goes on in the world. We see the stories from abroad, an ocean away, and we can feel our heart strings tug for those caught up in tragic events out of their control and for which there seems to be no help in sight.

And what do you do when that pain is not felt at a distance but rather inside your heart? When you also feel hopeless and afraid? Perhaps a marriage or relationship that once carried hope, happiness, and dreams has now been shattered and broken beyond repair. Maybe a loved one lies in a hospital bed and you have become disheartened at the doctor’s grim announcement. Or perhaps you feel that past sins continue to haunt your life like a dark fog and forgiveness for yourself is impossible to be found.

Is your life in need of a rescue? There is a Deliverer who is ready to help you with exactly what you need. This is not just a general blanket type of rescue. This is a specific rescue tailored just for you. Tell God exactly what you need and what specific area in your life that you need His aid.

Often times people may think that living an abundant life is just around the corner. When “things get better” then I can begin to enjoy life. With God, that is not true as the abundant life can be enjoyed here and now despite whatever may be going wrong in your life today. That is power of Christ. He can give you the strength, happiness, comfort, and peace that you may have attempted to attain on your own but have failed and now so desperately need more than ever. Ask Him and then see amazing and impossible things only He can do.

God, I am need of your help. I need help over my life in this (certain situation). I need deliverance from thoughts too difficult and dark for me to comprehend. Help me not focus and become doubtful with things I cannot understand, but rather focus on what I do know and that is through your power the abundant life is possible for me. 

“But you, Lord my God, brought my life up from the pit.” – Jonah 2:6

God rescues us in our dark times.

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