Let’s face it. We all prefer comfort over being uncomfortable. Some of us may even pursue it; only chasing after things we believe will bring us happiness and bliss. Many authors, motivational speakers, and even some preachers, imply through their teachings that obtaining a life of comfort is the true goal of life. Avoid problems and potential risks at all costs because these are the antithesis to “living your best life.”

These words and teachings may align with what the world views our ambitions should be, but they are in direct contradiction to what Jesus says and demonstrates to us through His actions. Going after a life of comfort isn’t the goal of this life. It is knowing Christ, who He is, and learning the things He teaches us about this life.

“Well, that sounds rather boring,” some people might think or say. “There isn’t much fun or excitement in pursuing such a thing.” Well, let me tell you about one man. His name was Daniel. Although a captive in Babylon, he lived in the king’s service and was qualified to serve in the king’s palace. Daniel was surrounded by opulence and nobility. It would have been easy for Daniel to gradually meld into this culture and choose comfort over difficulties.

But that was not Daniel’s way.

To Daniel, a life of luxury, excess lavishness and abundance without God was captivity. Worshiping God and doing things God’s way was freedom. Freedom from fear, worry, anxiety, and the evil one. He showed bravery when he said, with God’s help, he could interpret the king’s dream when no other advisor could. Not even the threat of being thrown into a hungry lion’s den made him cower. Daniel wasn’t pleased living in a warm little nest full of comfort. He risked things and chose to live a life of freedom in Christ no matter what the cost. These things he would never have attained through what only the world could offer. To Daniel, a life pursing comfort without God was dull and uninteresting but life with God was a most spectacular journey.

Resolve to follow God today and get ready to live life on the edge!

God, help me to get more comfortable with things that are uncomfortable. The most interesting of things happen outside of our comfort zone. Teach me how to live life outside the boat and put more of my trust in You. 

16 “At this, Daniel went in to the king and asked for time, so that he might interpret the dream for him.” – Daniel 2:16

Live life outside the boat.

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