Some people may say and make big promises. Most likely, they mean well and have good intentions but, more often than not, those promises will be broken as the ones who make them are human, imperfect, and flawed.

But there is a friend who never breaks a promise and is truly with us when we need Him the most. He is the God who made the Heavens and the Earth; The One who gave and gives us life and in whom we have our being.

Are you feeling alone? Ask Him to be your companion through this journey. Are you overwhelmed by sadness? Ask Him to be your comfort and give you the peace you need. Are you feeling broken? Ask Him to pick up the pieces of your heart and mend them back together in the caring and loving way that only He can do.

And when you ask, watch. Be on the lookout for how God will answer your prayers. Now, do not be distracted and think that God is a Cosmic Genie and will answer your each and every whim. Sometimes He will be silent and appear as if He did not listen or is even there. Do not fall into despair and believe the lies of the enemy, “Is God really listening?” “Does God even care about me?” “Why doesn’t God help me?” “Is there even a God?”

When these thoughts flood your mind say, “No! These lies I refuse to listen to and will not believe. God is there and He will help me and be my Deliverance. I am a child of The Promise, and I live by faith in the Promises of God.” And then watch how the tide turns.

God, when I live by faith, I find that it leads me to the kind of life where I can obtain all that I seek: peace, goodness, comfort, joy, love, and courage. Thank You for making all of these things available to me and within my reach.

“This is what the Lord says to me: ‘Go, post a lookout and have him report what he sees…let him be alert, fully alert’.” Isaiah 21: 6-7

On the lookout for God's answers to prayer.

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