Scripture can paint pictures in our mind. Depending on how we look at it, it can either paint beautiful and glorious illustrations for us, or grim and terrifying depictions that usher in emotions of shock and alarm.

There was a man who understood what it was like to live life between the glorious and the terrifying; among the light and the shadow. His name was Paul. After his incredible conversion from Saul to Paul, Paul became a fierce advocate for spreading the Gospel of Christ Jesus. When Paul spoke of the hope of the resurrection of the dead to the Judeans, there became a dispute so violent among the crowd against him that a commander ordered soldiers to surround Paul out of fear that the enraged mob would get their hands on him and tear him apart.

In what must have been an extremely frightening experience for Paul, the following evening, the LORD came to Paul. The Scripture does not say how or through what medium. Perhaps it was in a dream, perhaps it was in a vision as Paul looked up at the night sky, or perhaps it was in a gentle whisper that ebbed and flowed on a light wind that entered through an open window above him. In whatever way the LORD chose to speak to him, Paul heard a voice that said, “Take courage. For just as you have borne a faithful witness to me in Jerusalem, so now you must bear witness in Rome.”

And so, Paul’s mission was laid before him. What he had experienced in Jerusalem among the Judeans should not cause him dismay and fear, but rather instill in him endurance and fortitude to spread the Light into the shadows of the Roman Empire.

And the Gospel of Christ is a marvelous and astounding Light indeed!

God, I am so thankful for the Light of your Word and salvation. It not only provides light for my path, but also the courage I need to fight off the dark spirits that lurk in the shadows. I am forever grateful to You.

“I continue to believe everything that accords with the Scriptures…and I continue to have a hope in God.” – Acts 24:15-16

God's beautiful creation of the night sky.

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