Let’s delve deeper into a universal aspect of the human condition. We have all planted roots into something. Whether it be in a belief, attitude, relationship, mindset, or worldview. It is the place that we come back to in order to feel comforted, relieved, or reassured.

In the Christian faith, believers understand that the place where we find everything that we hope for is in the heart of God through His son Jesus. Only through Him can we find contentment, freedom, joy, knowledge, strength, and courage. The world, as well as many other belief systems and religions (including many false teachers of the Christian faith), teach that if we only look inward and elevate the self, we will find what it is that we seek.

But believers who are deep-rooted in the Word will quickly come to realize this is a false belief because if that was the case, our first parents Adam and Eve, would have reached enlightenment after the first bite of that forbidden fruit. But all people know from the Scriptures that instead they achieved the complete opposite. Being lured into this deception of false pride and sense of the heightened self, they instead found themselves to be foolish, imperfect, and corrupt. And the punishment was not only death of the body but also a death of the spirit; a separation from God.

And just as God had asked Adam and Eve what it was they had done, He will ask us the same question – what have we done with the knowledge that we are sinners? Will you try to hide, make excuses, or find something or someone else to blame just as they did? Will where you find yourself invested and deep-rooted in today be able to save you? Your eternity rests on it.

God, I know that I am sinner. Not because of the bad things that I have done or will do, but because I was born a sinner under the curse of sin. Thank you for Your grace in saving me. There is none other but You. 

“Create in me a clean heart, God; renew in me a resolute spirit.” – Psalm 51:12

Create in me a clean spirit, O, God.

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