Some people are able to divide their lives into two: the first half of their life and then the second half of their life. And if asked, they would be able to pinpoint the exact moment when their life was split in two. What people will discover is that the event that takes place in the middle of these two halves is a dramatic one, and it is usually associated with great sorrow and pain:

  • Loss of a child or loved one
  • The disintegration of a dream
  • A relationship that didn’t work out
  • The loss of a reliable source of income and employment
  • The consequences after a catastrophic event

It could almost be said the first half of their life begins when they are born, and the second half of their life begins after a part of them has died.

Perhaps you find yourself today unsure of how to find that happy person you once were. Alternatively, you may be dissatisfied with the person you have become.

There is someone who comes to you exactly where you are and knows exactly what you need in order to help you. Jesus is His name.

Do you feel like you need a fresh start? A new beginning? Talk with the only One who can give you a new life and the chance to be born again.

"Again they will live in His shade and raise grain [rise again]; they will blossom like a vine..." Hosea 14:8 
God, I am eternally grateful for the new life You have given me. You have not only saved me once, but You continue to save and rescue me on a regular basis. Thank You for never giving up on me. 

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