When Christ died, for three days there was silence. In the disciples darkest hour, He was silent. There was no word.

The silence of God does not negate the presence of God. He promises He will never leave me or forsake me. He is there, even if I don’t feel He is.

I must be willing to stay and wait (and trust) on God’s timing.

Wait expectantly for God to speak after the silence.

Pray for a higher awareness of/attention to and affection towards God.

“God with us.” Christ came on Earth to be with us, His children, and to experience life with us.

Parents contribute good or evil by actions (or inaction) in their children’s lives. God, please free me from any generational chains.

Look for the areas where God has gifted you, and then actively seek opportunities to practice those gifts.

The righteous’ inheritance will last forever. Unlike earthly possessions that rust, decay, and become forgotten.

Our salvation comes from God alone. Not from wealth, possessions, physical beauty, romance, health, ambitions, or a good job. None of those can save you and raise you into Eternal Iife. Only Christ.

In Christ we have an abundance of happiness and joy.

Prayers and Declarations from Jonah 2 and 3

I thank You for bringing my life back from the pit. (2:6)

Help me remember You during troubling times. (2:7)

Let me not cling to worthless idols that take me away from Your love. (2:8)

May my mouth truly proclaim that salvation comes from the LORD. (2:9)

Convict our nation to call urgently on You and to give up our perversions, evil, and violent ways. (3:8)

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