God does not appreciate the attitude of being stiff-necked and rebellious.

Moses asked God, “Show me Your ways.” I, too, ask You to show me who You are so I can know what pleases Your heart.

God’s presence is with us, when things are good and when things are bad, and that’s what gives us peace.

Help me recognize my need for God’s presence in my life.

We must have His presence in our lives to accomplish His mission for us.

Do I have that closeness with God that distinguishes (sets me apart) from worldly living?

Intimacy comes with intentionality.

Moses was careful to obey God’s instructions in the smallest detail. If God has told me to do something, do it, do it right, and do it completely.

God knows what’s around the bend. I do not.

The power of the Spirit is in the process and the effort.

The enemy’s goal is to steal, twist, and deceive us regarding our true identity in Christ.

Stop living for others (their opinions, acceptance, approval) and start living for Christ.

The Christian life/walk is a process. He brings us forward to a better knowledge of Him experience by experience and circumstance by circumstance.

Help refresh and renew my mind.

Prayers and Declarations from Isaiah 21

Show me how to be a lookout for Your work in my life. Help me be alert, fully alert to it. (21:6-7)

God is in control of the rise and fall of nations. (21:16)

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